Program/Project Management

• Construction Management
• Facilities Management
• Planning & Scheduling

Project Controls

• Procurement management
• Estimate/Budget control
• Planning & Scheduling

Design Engineering

Procurement Management

Once the overall strategy has been determined, we assist in scope development and prepare a project implementation plan, a milestone schedule for delivery of all services, all internal and external approvals, design releases, selection of contractors and their commitments.

Projects are executed in the following manner:

  • Assign an experienced project manager, who is responsible for overall project direction on behalf of Owner
  • Prepare a detailed project execution plan including the acquisition of design and construction services, a project wide performance schedule, budget, and project commissioning, as well as warranty and maintenance management planning and execution as required.
  • Prepare a detailed estimate of the project cost, based on approved final drawings and specifications
  • Prepare a construction schedule by area
  • Supervise and coordinate the checking and approval of shop drawings
  • Provide onsite, full-time construction supervision and subcontractor control
  • Provide onsite, full-time construction supervision and subcontractor control
  • Prepare cost estimates for any required changes as the work progresses
  • Check and approve supplier and contractor invoices before payment occurs
  • Pay all suppliers and subcontractors for work performed
  • Cooperate with your staff architect and inspector, and keep you informed on all aspects of job progress
  • Maintain a proactive safety program
  • Submit monthly control reports detailing the project’s progress and status
  • Provide and maintain a Quality Control and Quality Assurance program.