Value Engineering and Analysis

ADMI’s approach to Value Engineering is to look for opportunities to increase innovation, improve cost effectiveness and enhance performance.

ADMI integrates value engineering into the design and engineering development and construction management phases of the project to eliminate unnecessary life cycle costs without sacrificing important project components or other functional requirements.

Although value engineering can be applied during any phase of project, ADMI’s experience suggested the ability to most dramatically affect a project is during the early design phases of a project. 

ADMI recommends considering Value Engineering during one or more of the following stages of the project:

  • During early stage of feasibility and schematic phases of design to incorporate and eliminate unnecessary functional requirements
  • The completion of design development and 60% of the construction documents.


Construction document review:

 ADMI employs two methods to accomplish value engineering:

  • Conduct ongoing review of the project by the design and project management staff.
  • Designate specific value engineering team to review the project at a specific phase of design. An interdisciplinary team of distinct professionals not engaged in the design effort, will identify and reduce lifecycle costs by generating multiple ideas that could be incorporated into the design.