Planning and Scheduling

ADMI provides both independent schedule development and schedule evaluation services.

The objective is to ensure that a schedule is developed that provides an appropriate level of detail that addresses all the project activities, constraints, and likely variables.

The schedule provides an organizational approach that details the work breakdown structure sequence, all interconnecting activity logic with predecessors and successors, allowable performance periods, identification of critical path components, and establishment, of critical milestones. Individual schedules can be developed for breakout work packages and rolled into the master project schedule as required.

Resource loading of the schedule allows the ADMI project management team to evaluate staffing requirements, performance durations and shift requirements, operational impacts, and identification of potential risk management issues.

ADMI’s key to managing any successful project is based on our Triangle of Success: Quality , Budget and Schedule.

ADMI’s Executives understand the balance of managing that equilateral triangle, understand how important time is to any project, and how each decision has a greater impact on budget with late decisions having greater dollar implications.