Our Mission

The ADMI mission, while simple, is essential to the success of our work. We strive to: 

Apply our proven talent to successfully achieve your goals

  • Ensure quality goals are met without sacrificing schedule or budget
  • Plan, build and control projects to meet or exceed project performance objectives
  • Provide services that result in the completion of projects that have distinctive, lasting value and enhance your brand
  • Deliver our services with professionalism, integrity and value 
  • Looking out for your interests is the driving philosophy behind everything we do. We have the energy, experience and creative drive to implement ideas that work. 

ADMI was founded on the following principles, which continue to guide our daily activities:  

  • We strive to maintain a clear focus on what we do best: create value and profit by developing, renovating and managing your projects.
  • We make decisions with your money as if it were our own; we understand that every dollar counts.
  • Our work plan focuses on final results.
  • We use conservative reporting methods that accurately and meaningfully reflect project costs.
  • We keep sight of the reasons you and our business partners invested in us: performance, quality, schedule and budget.
  • We are candid in our reporting to you.
  • We are honest in telling you what is good in our business as well as what challenges we face; we work hard to keep your confidence as we tend to project details.