Estimating/Budget Control

Our approach is simple, yet very much appreciated. Listen to the client's needs, meet their needs and do so with the highest level of integrity. 

You need our estimating service because we afford you the one commodity you cannot buy: time. 

Accurately forecasting the cost of future projects is vital to the survival of any business.

After reviewing various preliminary drawings and specifications, the estimator visits the site of the proposed project. The estimator gathers information on access to the site and availability of electricity, water, and other services, as well as on surface topography and drainage.

After the site visit is completed, the estimator determines the quantity of materials and labor needed. This process, called the quantity survey or “takeoff,” involves completing standard estimating forms, filling in dimensions, number of units, and other information. A cost estimator will estimate the costs of all items the contractors and/or vendors must provide.

ADMI Estimators track actual costs relative to bid specifications as the project develops, to provide our clients and update forcasted Estimated Final Cost (EFC).Although subcontractors and vendors will estimate their costs as part of their own bidding process, the general contractor's cost estimator often analyzes bids made by subcontractors as well. Also during the takeoff process, the estimator must make decisions concerning equipment needs, sequence of operations, crew size, and physical constraints at the site. Allowances for the waste of materials, inclement weather, shipping delays, and other factors that may increase costs also must be incorporated in the ADMI estimate for our clients.

What we bring to the table is a group of experienced project estimators that provide accurate, timely, and comprehensive quantity surveys and estimates.