Design/Engineering Management

ADMI has significant experience in design management.

We can manage every aspect of the design process for clients commencing with an initial design brief and managing that design development through to its final physical realization.

Following from the early involvement of creating a design brief, ADMI manages the design process to achieve the right balance of quality, cost and value.

The process involves:

• Converting concept design into scheme design
• Monitoring quality during construction
• Design reviews and assistance in the agreement of designed layouts.
• Preparing safety and quality plans
• Identifying the scope of design interfaces

Our construction skills and experience ensure design documents are correctly coordinated and that significant savings can be achieved by reducing potential risks during the building phase.

ADMI has global expertise in areas such as master planning, concept design, "value engineering", and Design management. By combining this expertise with local knowledge, ADMI has the flexibility to customize service solutions ensuring that project design precisely meets the needs of our customers.

ADMI's skill in design / engineering management forms part of an integrated real estate solution offered to our clients.

Design/engineering management utilizes our collective technical and professional expertise across all sectors.

These skills are usually applied in the form of engineering consultancy services based on the specific technical needs of a project. ADMI applies dedicated skills to a project that are designed to reduce risk and add value early in the development cycle. In addition to conceptual design and feasibility these skills include:

• Economic analysis
• Facilities planning
• Site master planning
• Technology evaluations
• Analysis of financial options

At the design planning stage, ADMI adds further value by identifying and eliminating issues early in the design process, giving clients superior results. We manage engineering design, materials handling studies, architecture, and value engineering. This method combines with our specialized skills applied throughout the construction phase and the commissioning process.

The breadth of our design/engineering services form an integrated process using the latest design tools that consider technical requirements. This process brings together:

• Concept and feasibility studies
• Process engineering
• Construction and project management