Construction Management

ADMI is a Dominant, World-Class Construction Project Management leader. Our clients enjoy exceptional services including Project Management, Procurement, Expediting and Accounting. 

Each project that we manage is competitively bid among a group of industry professionals. We then choose the best company for the specific job that we are managing. 

All of our projects are staffed with a dedicated Project Manager working from one of our offices, and full time onsite field supervisors and engineers as required.

Our Construction Management Services include but are not limited to:

  • Efficient and Timely Scheduling
  • Precise, On Budget and Timely Construction
  • Reliable and Accurate Procurement Services
  • Exceptional Cost Control Management

Let the professionals at ADMI manage your next construction project. From detailed monthly reports, pro-active safety practices, collaboration with Architects and sub-contractors, cost control and more, we are the proven leader in Construction Project Management.