Allen D. Moyer

 Allen D. Moyer - President

Allen Moyer is President of ADMI Inc. specializing in managing the completion of client projects within the hospitality, restaurant, retail and commercial real estate industries. Moyer has more than 25 years of experience in design, development, project management and construction. He and his team work on behalf of ADMI clients to integrate and optimize a project’s completion from beginning to end; managing all aspects of project design and construction, allowing clients to concentrate on what they do best.

Prior to launching ADMI, Moyer was responsible for Real Estate and Development at Apple Inc., managing facilities in 28 countries and overseeing the design and rollout of Apple’s retail stores. He was also Senior Vice President of SETEMO Imagineering at Walt Disney Imagineering where he managed design and construction for the Euro Disneyland expansion as well as the development of Disney-MGM Studios Europe. Moyer was previously Senior Vice President at Sony Corporation where he assisted in the establishment of Sony Development and was responsible for the design and construction of all Retail Entertainment Centers in the U.S. and internationally.

He earned a Bachelor of Design from the College of Architecture and a Master of Art & Architecture as well as Structural and Civil Engineering from the University of Florida.