About Us

ADMI was created to provide development, program, project, construction, and facilities management for clients in the hospitality, restaurant, retail, and commercial real estate industries.

We allow you to concentrate on your core competencies while we manage all aspects of your design and construction efforts, in addition to helping you establish cost-effective property maintenance and operations programs.

Regardless of the project's size and scope, ADMI's objectives are the same:

  • To achieve the most appropriate design solution, with regard to economies as well as building aesthetics
  • To expedite, through stringent managerial controls, the entire design and construction process

ADMI does not perform design or construction services, but offers effective management to integrate and optimize the performances of these services without the Client's internal overhead costs or that of large design or construction firms. We organize our services around your needs to have expertise in all disciplines available as required without constantly charging all personnel costs to your development projects. 

Our executives have experience with Walt Disney Imagineering, DreamWorks, SONY and Apple Computer, as well as with various design and construction companies that have worldwide reputations for quality and integrity. We put all that expertise to work to take a proactive approach in working with designers, contractors, vendors and manufacturers that includes negotiating the right pricing terms for you. 

ADMI works to achieve your project goals within budget, and represents you in keeping the design and construction team working together in support of this goal. You receive the same accessibility, accountability and professional assistance you would with an in-house team, without the additional overhead expense. And, our commitment to quality translates into significant benefits for you, the most important of which is that we manage your projects as if the end products, budgets and schedules were our own.